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It is said that "chronic itch is the skin equivalent to pain." Itching disrupts sleep, limits your activities, diminishes your concentration and generally is quite maddening. We will scratch, claw and tear up our skin to satisfy that annoying itch sensation. It is poorly understood by modern medicine but the burden on patients is very real and taxing to even the most stoic of individuals. A psychological component complicates its definition and study, as just thinking about itchy things can cause you to itch.

So You Think Your Moles Look Fine?

You have heard the message by now: Melanoma is deadly. You also probably know that it is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and that one American every hour dies from melanoma. Millimeter for millimeter, it is the deadliest cancer. Rather than bore you with statistics on this horrid disease, allow me to share with you some fascinating background on it you may not have heard before.

I see men in my office every day. Most come in under their own volition while many are dragged in by wives and girlfriends. We don’t like to admit it, but we have many of the same skin concerns as women: odd-shaped blemishes; hair in the all wrong places; skin ravaged by the passage of years brought on by a lifestyle that perhaps wasn’t very healthy. We don’t feel like the person looking back at us in the mirror.

Tips for Finding the Right Person to Help You Look Your Best A qualified cosmetic dermatologist, supported by the equipment and resources of a quality facility, can do wonders to help you feel better about your appearance and maintain healthy skin. This article provides tips to help you select the skin-care specialist who you will feel best seeing.

Parents, teachers and daycare providers, in following the guidelines for keeping the flu at bay, may be unwittingly causing a bigger problem. I began to see them a few years ago. Children with red, swollen hands, littered with bleeding cracks and scales.

"We are supposed to sing Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star and not stop washing our hands until the song is over," a boy told me. "Do you think it is contagious? We've been having him wash with antibacterial soap. Several other kids in his class have the same thing," said his mother.

Important insights into the wrinkles, spots, bruises and other skin challenges that come with getting older. The topic of aging skin is usually addressed only when someone is trying to sell you something. Talk of the natural changes that occur in our largest organ often get drowned out in this age of Botox and lasers. As we age, we see and feel certain changes in our skin.  The skin becomes drier, wrinkled, also spots and warty growths appear.

I am part dermatologist, part broken record. “Wear your sunscreen” is a mantra I repeat endlessly throughout the day. I even once remember saying it Spanish in a dream when I was learning the language. Most people just nod their head politely and go right outside into the sun without a second thought to my words of warning. But I do have patients give me their rebuttals from time to time. I want to share with you some of my favorites.