February 2016

Love The Way You Look
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Offer ends February 29th, 2016.
• Plump your cheeks with JUVÉDERM® Voluma and receive a free blush!
- Purchase 2 syringes for $1,300 (Savings of $200)
• Pucker your lips with JUVÉDERM® and receive a free lipstick!
- JUVÉDERM® Ultra $450 per syringe - JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus $500 per syringe (Savings of $85 per syringe)
• Keep your eye on cupid with BOTOX® and receive a free eyeshadow!
- Purchase 20 units of BOTOX® for $200 (Savings of $20)
Additional $50 off coupon available from Brilliant Distinctions for filler and BOTOX treatment.
* While supplies last on blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow