Some Thoughts About Skin Care for Men

Some Thoughts About Skin Care for Men

I see men in my office every day. Most come in under their own volition while many are dragged in by wives and girlfriends. We don’t like to admit it, but we have many of the same skin concerns as women: odd-shaped blemishes; hair in the all wrong places; skin ravaged by the passage of years brought on by a lifestyle that perhaps wasn’t very healthy. We don’t feel like the person looking back at us in the mirror.

Many of the men I see also have real concerns about skin cancer. Most abnormal looking spots luckily are not cancerous–but it only takes one to change your life. The two most dangerous obstacles to men are denial and the fear of sounding like a “worrywart.”

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Age spots and moles can be worrisome.

Both of those mindsets can cost you. Skin cancer is more common in men and often is at a more advanced staged when diagnosed. Also, some men need professional treatment to remove the pain of varicose veins in the legs or face. And some men just understand the value in looking your very best. Therefore, I will not sugarcoat anything you need to know or patronize your concerns over your skin. It is the largest organ you possess and needs to be cared for appropriately.

With today’s technological advances, taking care of these things is easy and faster than ever before. I can tailor an approach to your skin care regime that fits your needs and level of concern. My main intention is not to peddle you a complex program of questionable potions and treatments you don’t need. You can go anywhere for that. I will help you pick out the simplest skin regime to fit your time and budget. I believe the most effective treatment is the one you will stick with, not the most expensive. I am highly skeptical and critical of today’s explosive skin care market and claims made by companies seeking to separate you from your money. It is my personal mission to wade through the data and discern the truth from the hype. I am passionate about positioning myself as a “voice of reason” in an otherwise circus of dermatologists who have sold their integrity, in my opinion. I want to be your dermatologist and partner in skin care for decades to come. I am honored when a patient (male or female) entrusts me with their skin.

If you decide on a simple care regime, it may consist of products obtained from the local drug store. If your skin needs more attention, I have a unique scanning device that measures various aspects of your skin (pore size, sun damage, bacterial counts, and wrinkle depth) so you and I can better gauge your treatment options. It also allows us to spot pre-cancerous developments while they can still be easily treated. It only takes minutes and is completely pain-free. I offer this as a complimentary service to you without any hidden costs.

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Look and feel your best with professional skin care.

Even if you see another dermatologist, you are welcome to get a free printout of your analysis to take back to your own doctor. Depending upon your level of concern, advancements in lasers have made treatments like permanent hair reduction and erasing dilated red veins on your face quick and easy. Other popular treatments that I work with men on are wrinkle reduction, skin tag removal, mole removal, hair loss, toenail fungus, and destruction of “liver spots” and warty growths. You are not alone to worry about these things.

To accommodate your work hours, I offer evening appointments on Thursdays until 8 p.m. I invite you to take advantage of my free skin care consultations and complimentary computer facial analysis. Medical appointments and private skin cancer screenings are offered during these extended hours.

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Your treatments are strictly man-to-man.

All my consultations with you are private “man-to-man” discussions. I perform all treatments myself and you will not have to disrobe with ladies in the room.

Take it from me: a healthy approach to skin care will make you feel more confident and look healthier, too. It may even save your life. Find out about our treatment options, designed not just for men, but for you.