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Lyme Disease In Northern California

No summer dermatology series would be complete without a few words on ticks and Lyme disease. While relatively uncommon in the north state, Lyme disease is here and likely gaining ground. Traditionally, we think of Lyme disease as being an East Coast problem, but it is now found across 48 states. To put it in perspective, there were 1,964 cases confirmed in Connecticut in 2010, compared to California's 126 cases confirmed. The disease is admittedly underreported, but we still pale in comparison to the East Coast.

There's Help For Excessive Sweating

Hands down, there is nothing a dermatologist can do more to help someone's quality of life than stop their excessive sweating.

If you find that statement ridiculous, you probably do not have a sweating problem. Excessive sweating can make you appear uncomfortable, nervous or even ill. It can be a socially disabling condition and lead to isolation and insecurity. An estimated 3 percent of Americans suffer through the day trying to hide and mask their sweating. The incidence is possibly higher, but the degree of embarrassment people experience likely limits self-reporting of this condition.

Sorting Out The New Rules On Sunscreen

Is an SPF of 100 better than 50? What do the terms waterproof, water resistant and broad spectrum really mean?

If you are confused, you are not alone. After a lot of arm wrestling back and forth, the FDA finalized its sweeping new sunscreen guidelines for consumers and they go into effect this year.