Botox Quality And Pricing

Botox Quality And Pricing

Know What You Are Paying For:

Be aware that dilution matters, ask your doctor how much saline solution he or she uses to dilute the vial of BOTOX Cosmetic and how many units will be injected in each area.

It is extremely important that you go to a reputable Medical Provider that purchases BOTOX from BOTOX Cosmetic for BOTOX Treatments. Don’t shop for the cheapest price for BOTOX, if the price is extremely low it may be in the amount of saline they are using. The old adage is still true….”if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Choose a medical facility that you can trust, so that when you pay for a certain amount of BOTOX you have confidence in what you received. Our Physicians and Providers are Board Certified and are here to ensure you receive great care at a fair price!

If you are in the Northern California area and interested in BOTOX, visit the Vita Dermatology Website, or call 530-528-VITA (8482).