Did Your Cheeks Go South for the Winter?

Did Your Cheeks Go South for the Winter?

Patient Study: Raising cheeks for a more youthful appearance. This patient came to see me with the primary concern of “looking tired, cross, and droopy.” She desired a more “rested” and “warm” appearance for her upcoming 40th birthday party.

California Botox Treatment

Before and After Treatment by Dr. Adams.

After application of a numbing cream, an all-natural filler product was placed into both cheeks. Notice how this resulted in a “lifting” effect for the lower face. The corners of her mouth are more horizontal, rather than sloping downward. The “show” of the lips is also improved despite no product even being placed in them. By just replacing the lost volume in her upper cheeks, the face is restored to a more youthful contour.

Women typically prefer what is often described as the “inverted triangle” or “heart-shaped” face. A small amount of product was also injected into the area between the chin and lower lip. As we age, bone loss and skin laxity contribute to a shortening of this region that is sometimes referred to as a “witch’s chin”.  She also received Botox injections in various regions to strategically lessen the underlying muscle tone; thus prolonging the life of the filler. The redness seen in her cheeks is an expected side effect of the local injections and resolved the next day.

If your cheeks have also gone south for the winter, please come in for a visit to discuss what I can do for you.  Click here to request a free consultation today!