What Happened To Our Hats?

Hats For Sun Protection

Sunscreen Isn’t Full-Proof Sun Protection Sunscreen gets the bulk of our attention when it comes to sun protection. I wear sunscreen and I recommend you do as well. However as the old saying goes: “to err is human”. Most of us are simply inept at using our sunscreens. We don’t put it on thick enough. […]

The New Sunscreen Rules

Sorting Out The New Rules On Sunscreen Is an SPF of 100 better than 50? What do the terms waterproof, water resistant and broad spectrum really mean? If you are confused, you are not alone. After a lot of arm wrestling back and forth, the FDA finalized its sweeping new sunscreen guidelines for consumers and […]

Skin Care Tips #1

Getting A Base Tan? Getting a baseline tan before you go on vacation does not offer the sun protection you may think. In fact it probably will lead to a false sense of security and lead to longer exposure time. A baseline tan grants the average Caucasian skin a built-in SPF of about 2-4. You […]